Nar-Anon Region, Eastern PA - "A Quick Look"

Most meetings are suspended due to COVID-19 and please go to the Forum.  Keep checking the website for updates to when meetings will resume.
Virtual meetings are being held by some groups.  If you are looking for your home group meeting, please contact someone in your group.  They may be able to have you placed on the online meeting list.  A statement from WSO on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found on the WSO homepage.

NARATEEN MEETINGS [Open for ages 11 through 19]
There are 2 active Narateen meetings - 
WIllow Grove - Thursday night 7:30 & Neshaminy High School (during the summer we have been joining the Thursday Willow Grove zoom) - Once back in school - we will resume in person.  We are also looking for ideas to expand the Narateen program and are looking for committee members.  Contact via email, Melissa & Lynda - narateenepa@gmail.com with any Narateen related inquiries.

Meetings in order of day of the week -
1.     Harrisburg in person suspended—Doing ZOOM meetings.
2.     Jenkintown in person suspended—Doing ZOOM meetings.
3.     Gettysburg in person suspended—Doing ZOOM meetings starting at 7:00 pm.
4.     Bryn Mawr in person suspended – Doing ZOOM meetings.  Newcomers or anyone interested in joining our meeting, please contact: Bob L. 610-353-4806.
5.     York in person suspended – until notified.
6.     Morrisville in person suspended – until notified.
7.     Bethlehem – in person suspended  Doing ZOOM meetings.
8.     Greencastle – Now meeting outdoors. 7 pm. Bring a lawn chair.

9.       West Chester in person suspended—Doing ZOOM meetings.  Newcomers or anyone interested in joining our meeting, please contact: kmfoster224@gmail.com 
10.     Torresdale in person suspended. Doing ZOOM meeting from 6:40 to 8 pm, please e-mail Lucy T. at lucyj7074@verizon.net and please let us know if you are a newcomer.
11.     Fleetwood is meeting with limits and precautions. — Contact someone from the group’s phone list for more information.
12.     Dallastown will begin in person OUTSIDE meetings, beginning Tuesday July 21 at 6 pm at 330 Pleasant Grove Rd,  Red Lion, PA, weather permitting through the end of summer.
13.     Lansdale  meetings resuming with precautions and combining with ZOOM.
14.     Bear, Delaware in person suspended—Doing ZOOM meetings 7:30 to 8:30 pm. If anyone wants to attend, call 302-559-1010 (Lorrie) or 302-545-8982 (Edna) in advance so you can be admitted into meetings.  All are welcome.
15.     West Philadelphia / Overbrook in person suspended – until notified.
16.     Honey Brook in person suspended – until notified.
17.     Newtown in person suspended— Doing ZOOM meetings.
18.     Bedminster - Resuming meetings outside in the pavilion. Time temporarily changed to 6:30 Deep Run Mennonite Church West- 1008 Deep Run Road, Perkasie, PA 18944.
19.     Aston in person suspended until notified — doing ZOOM meetings. Anyone who wishes to join, contact LCON926@aol.com
20.     South Philadelphia in person suspended  doing online via ZOOM.  Newcomers or anyone interested in joining our meeting, please contact: spnaranon@gmail.com; (215) 645-7074
21.     Easton in person suspended – until notified.

22.     Eddystone in person suspended —Doing ZOOM meetings.
23.     Elkins Park in person suspended—Doing ZOOM meetings.
24.     Plymouth Meeting in person suspended—Doing ZOOM meetings which time has moved to 7:30 pm.
25.     Croydon in person suspended—Doing ZOOM meetings.  For information, contact: croydon730@gmail.com
26.     Claymont, Delaware has resumed in person meetings with proper precautions. Zoom going on at the same time as our 7:00pm in person meeting for those who are not comfortable to join in person yet. Contact: claymontnaranon@gmail.com or call 302-276-8947.
27.     Honesdale has resumed meetings in person with face coverings and social distancing required.
28.     Doylestown in person suspended  Doing ZOOM meetings online. Contact Patricia M. 215-534-7439.
29.     Nazareth in person suspended  until notified.

30.     Willow Grove in person suspended — Doing ZOOM meetings.  Newcomers or anyone interested in joining our zoom meeting please contact debbieheath0128@gmail.com
31.     Phoenixville meeting OUTDOORS.  Bring a folding chair and a face covering also using ZOOM. Newcomers or anyone interested in joining our meeting, please contact: phoenixvillenaranon@gmail.com or 484-854-3202.
32.     Stroudsburg in person suspended – until notified.
33.     Jonestown – meeting in a teleconference meeting each week at 6:30. If anyone is interested they can email   eicemand@aol.com
34.     Norwood doing ZOOM meetings. Newcomers or anyone interested contact – newbeginningsthursday@gmail.com
35.     Northeast Philadelphia in person suspended – Doing ZOOM meetings.
36.     Allentown in person suspended – Doing ZOOM meetings.
37.     Hanover in person suspended – until notified.
38.     Tamaqua – resumed in-person meetings (with facemasks)  July 2. 7:00 to 8:15pm

39.     Wallingford in person suspended – until notified.
40.     Langhorne in person suspended – doing ZOOM meetings.

41.     Havertown in person suspended – until notified.
42.     Lemoyne in person suspended – Through the end of June. Resumes July 11 in person with masks and social distancing. New start time is 12:30pm

43.     Norwood in person suspended – until notified.
44.     Eagleville in person suspended – Doing ZOOM meetings.  Contact: Eaglevillenaranon@gmail.com

Learn about online meetings at http://www.naranonepa.org/forum

Key Events:

  • East Coast Convention 7 – has been postponed (most likely will be rescheduled for the 3rd weekend of March 2021) - but awaiting official confirmation from the Hotel.
    • Wyndham Garden Hotel Philadelphia Airport - 45 Industrial Hwy, Essington, PA 19029 
    • For the latest updates and links to register, hotel and volunteer signups, check out the ECC7 Convention page here

Service Meetings:

March 15th is the deadline to send CAR voting results to region secretary (Eileen F.).

    • Area 3:   TBA
    • Area 10: TBA
    • Area 11: No information
    • Area 22: 2/23, 5/17, 8/23, 11/15
    • Area 25:  1/25
    • Area 27: 1/6, 3/2, 5/4, 7/6, 9/14, 11/2
Quarterly WSO Outreach roundtable sessions. 12 NOON EST on SKYPE Fourth Sundays of January, April, July, October.
ECC7 planning meeting Jan 27, 2020 at 7:00 PM – on SKYPE

RSC Zoom meeting Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 8:30 AM. On Zoom.

October 3, 2020 – Tentative date for annual region assembly – all GSRs – on Zoom. 

Special Note to GSRs

GSRs and others in service in the Eastern PA Region of Nar-Anon

From: The Eastern PA Regional Service Committee

Re: Covid-19 Pandemic

Date:  4-6-20


Many facilities where Nar-Anon groups meet have closed their doors in efforts to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in our communities.  Some groups are creating contingency/ alternate plans for the time period they will not be able to meet face to face. The Eastern PA regional service committee held an emergency Skype meeting on Saturday, April 4, 2020 to discuss ways to support our groups at this time.  The following suggestions are from the RSC.


1.     Digital/ phone/ online meetings are a wonderful option. Many options exist and tradition 6 states that we do not endorse any outside enterprise.  That being said—some examples are:  Facetime,  Skype,  www.freeconferencecall.comwww.zoom.com.   


2.     If your group is holding digital meetings, please continue to keep your meeting healthy by following the guidelines and traditions as you would in an in-person meeting.  Anonymity, no crosstalk, no outside literature, etc.  The Guide to Local Services 2018 is a valuable reference and includes a sample meeting format in chapter 3.  Obtain free pdf copy of the GLS and other useful service literature at this link.  https://www.nar-anon.org/service-literature


3.     The RSC  researched as much as possible and discussed at length the benefits and safety of digital meetings. Recently the FBI has issued warnings to the public about the risks posed by computer hackers/ outsiders gaining access to various online meetings where access links have been shared in public ways (social media posts, websites, etc.)  The RSC voted unanimously that at this time NO ACCESS LINKS OR PASSWORDS FOR DIGITAL MEETINGS WILL BE POSTED ON OUR REGION WEBSITE (www.naranonepa.org ). The information can be shared with trusted members via email, phone, and word of mouth.  But our website is public (available to the world.)  Therefore, the region will not be posting access links online.  If you are having digital meetings, please educate yourself on safety.  Here is an informative article on “Zoom Meeting Safety Tips.”



4.     You may request for the EPA region to post on the website the news that your group is having digital meetings, but it is not required.  The best way to learn how to access any meeting is to use your GSR list and contact the meeting’s GSR and ask to be invited to the digital meeting.  Region service people receive the GSR list from the region secretary.  The GSR list is for exactly this type of service communication but the list is NOT TO BE POSTED ONLINE OR SHARED WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC. 


5.     Members and newcomers may use the Nar-Anon Family Groups Forum for support.  This online forum has been available to the world for many years and was created and supported by AREA 10.  There are many different topics that are discussed in detail. Plus, there are also online meetings.   After you Register – Login, you can participate in topic discussions and attend the online meetings.  http://www.naranon.com/forum/

NAR-ANON shares Experience, Strength & HOPE . . .

for FAMILY MEMBER's or FRIEND's of addicts.
Come, "Find a Meeting".  

In the NAR-ANON program, we learn that drug addiction is a disease that we are not responsible for.  The drug user needs help and so do we.  We discovered many of our efforts to control or change the situation were often actually enabling or encouraging this person to continue a self-destructive pattern.  It has been a great relief to learn more effective ways of coping with this situation, while at the same time gaining some peace of mind, hope, and help for a better way to live.

You will hear others, who are going through similar problems, talk about how they cope and find recovery.

NAR-ANON can bring new insight about our attitudes, behavior and emotions.  It can be the source for regaining our own sanity and well-being.  We learn that addiction is a family disease and we need recovery too.

There are no charges or obligations as NAR-ANON is a non-profit organization.  We are not affiliated with any treatment program or hospitals and do not discriminate about any persons race, creed, sexual orientation, religion or lack of religion.  The weekly meetings are held regularly throughout the year.  Your attendance is welcomed without prior arrangements.  You will not be urged to participate in the group discussions, but may join in if you wish or ask questions before and after the meeting.

We do UNDERSTAND how you feel. 

To locate a meeting in your area, go to our web page at . . .

"Find a Meeting" and bring a friend.