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In the NAR-ANON program, we learn that drug addiction is a disease that we are not responsible for. The drug user needs help and so do we. We discovered many of our efforts to control or change the situation were often actually enabling or encouraging this person to continue a self-destructive pattern. It has been a great relief to learn more effective ways of coping with this situation, while at the same time gaining some peace of mind, hope, and help for a better way to live.

WELCOME to the Nar-Anon Meetings in the Eastern Pennsylvania Region:

  • Please check "Welcome" page for up-to-date meeting information. Below are physical locations but maybe doing virtual or hybrid meetings during this time of pandemic.

  • The list below offers all Nar-Anon and Narateen meetings held within the Eastern Pennsylvania Region.

  • Meetings are shown by day of week; Monday through Sunday. Click on the day of interest at the bottom of the list.

  • This list is continually updated to reflect accurate dates, places and times. Check back often.

  • If traveling, you can find meetings all over the world by < clicking here > to be redirected to the World Service Office - MEETING LOCATOR.

  • Can't find a meeting in your area? Please see the bottom of page for details.

The chart below is updated often. Please, check back for current and accurate information. Your cell phone can also be used to double-check this website for last minute changes. Meeting changes not posted here should be noted at the entrance of your selected meeting location.

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Can't find a meeting in your area?

If there are no meetings near you and you would like to help start a meeting, you can call or write:


Phone: (310) 534-8188 or (800) 477-6291

Mail: 23110 Crenshaw Blvd. Suite A, Torrance, CA 90505

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